Welcome to your home base for professional and affordable tax preparation 

At US Tax Service, a Certified Public Accountant expertly prepares, reviews, and files your personal, estate, or small business US tax return
***********    now filing FBARs electronically    ************
Contractors    Government Service  
Active Duty   UK Residents
Civilians   Retirees   Ex-Pats
all are welcome
Refunds total over $555,517 in 2014
Our goal is to make completing your tax return as
painless and convenient as possible 
Meet at our locations in the UK and Germany
We can use the phone, Skype, and email to
complete the whole process over the Internet
Ring in the UK  0776-311-8684
Call in Germany 0151-6630-6601 (Ramstein)
or 0151-1795-8632 (Spangdahlem)
In the US call  304-841-7200



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